Private micromobility for people who tell us they need it.

We identify organizations in underserved communities that tell us — based on surveys, community dialogue, and microtransit infrastructure — that they would use a micromobility system if they had one. If we can’t get a microtransit provider to support their needs, we build a private system by partnering with local bike-shops to aggregate donations, developing a bike upcycle supply chain, and constructing the system that meets their needs.


What we do


We use survey data and community dialogue to measure the impact a microtransit system would have on your organization

<system design>

If we can’t find a microtransit provider, we’ll design and create the system with your organization including waiver and fair usage agreement templates


We constantly follow up with our users to see how we can increase ridership and add value to their experience


Our pilot with EDEN in numbers

5 0 0 mi of riding

1 5 0 0 kg of C02 saved

200 trips since July ’19

60 people

formerly shelterless, individuals now have access to transportation whenever they


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